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Swarm Removal Service

One thing most beekeepers have in common, is their willingness to come out and collect unwanted swarms that have attempted to make new residence on your property. Often these swarms will rest up in trees, or the eaves of a house, while they search for the perfect spot to build a new hive. And it's at this point that the enterprising beekeeper can capture the swarm and provide it with a perfect new spot... If you are in Western Washington and have a honey bee swarm that you would like us to remove from your property, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Just click the Contact link above and leave us your phone number, we will call you ASAP. We do not charge for honey bee swarm removal, and we highly recommend that you think twice before paying ANYONE for honey bee removal! 

What You Should Know About Honey Bee Swarms

A honey bee swarm may contain hundreds or thousands of worker bees and a single queen. Honey bees will swarm as a result of overcrowding within a hive, as well as to pursue the natural instinct for reproduction. To create a swarm, an old honey bee queen leaves the hive with about half of the hive’s worker bees, while a new queen remains in the old hive with the rest of the workers. In the wild, honey bees swarm most in late spring and early summer, at humid times of the day. While you may think that this is a scary and dangerous situation, it's quite the opposite... when bees are swarming they are more than usually gentle and calm because they have no hive or brood to protect.

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