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This page list some of the websites we have found that are helpful or informative. If I am missing a good site that you feel should be listed please click our Contact link and let me know.


DIY / Build it Yourself information and plans for different beehives.


Beekeeping websites:

Videos and images:

  • I found a fun video over on This was done by a first year beekeeper and his wife. It is their first inspection. They do not get everything right (bee bread is not fed to the larva directly) but it was a fun video and worth the watch.  (Thank you Banemorth for letting me share)

Supplies and Resources:

  • Chad Whitworth at Bluebird Honey Company was the supplier of our first 2 packages. He has some wonderful Small Cell Bees. Visit him at
  • Norman Holcomb at is located just down the road from our apiary. He is a very nice guy with good prices and great service. If you are interested in local honey I would highly suggest dropping by. Check his site for hours and directions.


Legal links:

  • Washington State requires that all beekeepers register their apiaries yearly. The State Department of Agriculture is reponsible for this registration. Please register your apiary at and fill out the registration forms and pay the required fees.


Other links:

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