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Introducing "Melisseus"

An Exclusive Sneak Peek…

Full Sized Working Model in Two Little Ladies Apiary Personal Hive

As seen at the
2014 WAS Conference

Named after the Greek spirit of honey and the art of beekeeping, "Melisseus" is an Arduino compatible, electronic hive monitoring device.


The hive monitor features real time data logging and graphing of external and internal environmental hive statuses, such as: humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and light level, and compiles the data into easy to read documentation via a dedicated website; thus providing real time year-round information without having to crack the cover of your hive in unfavorable weather conditions, or when you can’t be on-site.

"Melisseus" is capable of sending you email hive alerts so you are always aware of the conditions of your beehive.
Imagine being alerted that your top cover has been removed, when you are away from your bee yard!
Or receiving an alert that the temperature in your hive is especially warm, or too cold!


A convenient on-hive LED indicator light shows at-a-glance whether current outside temperatures are suitable for hive inspections.
Blue: Too cold/unsafe to open the hive, Yellow: Risky but possible for quick inspections, and Green: Safe to enter.

Nuc Top Cover with LCD Display
The on-hive LCD screen displays current inside/outside temperatures and humidity, barometric pressure, date and time, and current device activity (ex: sending alert, updating SD card, etc.)


"Melisseus" is Coming Soon!!

For more information or to be added to the mailing list for future updates and availability please click here.

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